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The mission of the New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition & Film Awards is to celebrate everything about New York! We accomplish this by inviting emerging screenwriters to submit their work so that New York talent, both transplants and locals, will have an opportunity to further their careers by connecting with other men and women who are passionate about film. We want to see more stories about our wonderful city and  wonderful people translated into film. Our hope is that talented screenwriters & filmmakers will share their perspectives on New York so that audiences everywhere can experience the magic!

We love New York and we love film! We especially love films that are written by, produced by or starring New Yorkers! And by New Yorkers, we mean New Yorkers from the State, the City, and around the world. Even New Yorkers who haven’t made it here yet. We love you all! We care deeply about nurturing, developing, and furthering the careers of the next generation of New York filmmakers and screenwriters from the U.S. and around the world. Our greatest joy is in finding and recognizing talented artists first. We want them to get their movies made and ultimately screen in the ‘Mecca’ we call home.


There are so many great films set in New York and made by New Yorkers. Whether they are studio blockbusters or little Indies, no two paths are the same and no two stories are ever alike. As such, it’s our policy to accept scripts from all over the world, not just the US, and from writers of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, sexes and sexual orientations.

Our aim is to open doors for aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers in all genres, and our city has a long history of producing the most talented writers and filmmakers in the world. We want to continue that tradition. We want to inspire and support writers at all levels to make great films in, about, or around New York (and no, your entry does not have to be about New York and truth be told you don’t even have to be from New York as long as your film can be shot here, screened here, or captures the essence of New York filmmaking in some way).

Above all, we want to be the catalyst that inspires new talent to reach new heights. We want to inspire the next generation of great filmmakers to tell their stories. The New York Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition & Film Awards is a Cinema Public House production. We are a US based independent festival company that produces festivals all over the world.

Our aim is to open doors for aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers from around the world.


"One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.  "   Tom Wolfe


Make Valuable Entertainment Connections!

More great films and filmmakers have come out of New York than any other city in the world and we never know where the next great New York story will come from. So if you’re from here, been here, went to school here, are still here, are on your way, would like to come here, or were simply in a New York State of Mind when you wrote your script, submit your story today. We are passionate about film and want to support you. 


1st Place - GRAND PRIZE

Personal Intro's

Access & Exposure

Our First Place Screenwriting Grand Prize Winner will receive a consultation package provided by Roadmap Writrers that includes a consultation with a top industry representative of our choice (a lit manager or development executive) who will give you personalized script notes and or career advice as well as recognition as our grand prize winner. They will give you at least one hours worth of script notes. This is in addition to the one and a half pages of script notes provided by our final round judges. 


Top Two Finalists



Our Second and Third Place Screenwriting Finalists will be honored as finalists in the New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition & Film Awards  and will receive industry consultations with script notes from an established talent manager and or development executive. This in addition to a page and a half of script notes from our final round judges. 


Best Film of the Fest



All winning filmmakers are honored with online recognition designating them as winners or nominees in the New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition & Film Awards. Semi-Finalists will also receive online recognition only like at most film festivals. 

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Every year our winners receive consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that include sessions with some of New York and Hollywood’s top agents, managers, and producers. Last year's grand prize screenwriting winner got a one hour script consultation with a top Hollywood producer as well as two other consultations with top industry pros.

Winners will receive a 4-month InkTip Pro Membership. As an InkTip Pro Member, thousands of filmmakers can find and read your scripts, and you'll be able to pitch directly to production companies every week. With over 3,000 options and 400 movies made, InkTip is the place for independent film. 


Film Awards

We recognize films in the following categories: Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Student Short Film, Best Dramatic Film, Best Comedy Film, Best Horror or Thriller, Best Action, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best Web-Series, Best Pilot, Best Director, Best Indie Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

Entrants are strictly prohibited from contacting the judges during the competition. Any entrant who attempts to contact a judge will be disqualified and their entry fee forfeited. Associates, employees, clients, and family members of judges are not eligible to enter. 

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