Learn to Write

2020 Winners

Grand Prize Winner!

Felsbrocken by Martin King


Welcome to Valhalla by Karl Mather

The Prosecutor's Witness by Donald Ray Schwart

Semi Finalists

Ripley of Valor by RB Atkinson

Bitter Beans by Grietje Fortuin

The Freedom Ring by Michael Soussan

Love Thy Neighbor Jean Buschman

First and Ten by Carl Chambers

The Fixer by Tom Holloway

Camouflage by Christopher Willis

Revive Us Again by Sandra Reed

Three Rivers by Sarah Stusek 

The Scarecrow by Gemma Paul

Triangle by Akiva Penaloza

2019 Winners

Grand Prize Winner!

She's Unexpecting By Angela Vaut


Perigee Heart by Robert Languedoc

Sideshow Bandit by Marie Wilson

Semi Finalists

Beauty Possessed by Ben Lokey

Nice Trick by Justin Jackson

Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours Written by Natalie Paige Bentley

Honour by Richard Sloggett

Exposed by Sheri Davenport and Lois Norman

The O’Malley by John F. Sarno

Connecting by Tristan McIntosh

The Bliss Killer by LeLe Park

WWJD by Samuel Garza Bernstein

Committed by T.N.D.

Richer than a White Man  by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

At the Mercy of Faith  by Samuel Lee Taylor

2018 Grand Prize Winner!

Rest in Pain by Valerie Dalena and Mike Fuhrmann


2018 Finalists

Verrater by Randa Karambelas

Please Gentlemen, Ask Me Who I Am by Cinzia Gagliardi


2018 Semi-Finalists

Remembering Liz by Joan Beilstein

How To Address An Envelope by Alex Lyras

The Island of Blooming Stones by Russell Beneke

Dinner in Hyde Park by Jon Silver

Kaffarah (Atonement) by Tom Rossi

Redbone by Ned Eckhardt

Running Blind by John T Frederick

Snowfall by Robert Languedoc

Black Easter Resurrection by Jim Carroll

My Mother Murdered My Father by Josephine A. Perry

Breaking Faith by Jocelyn Jones

Luana by Danielle Erlich

The staff I have interacted with at NY Metro Screenwriting Competition has been fantastic. They are respectful and encouraging. They are truly supporting screenwriters. I would recommend this competition!

Outstanding contest experience driven by individuals looking for the best screenplays.

Friendly, positive and fantastic at feedback - I would recommend these guys to everyone.


One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.  

Winter 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Cadeby by David Keogh


Winter 2017 Finalists

Circled In Red by James Byrne

Legacy by Danielle Erlich


Winter 2017 Semi-Finalists

Single Bullet Theory by Mike Bencivenga

How Bout Now by Daniel Gold

Motorhead by Luke Butler

Stranger Things by Ana Ziegler Loes

Armor by Bryant Daluz

Hudson River Crossing by Demetra Kareman

The Kosher Mutiny by Jim Norman

The Program by John Ravitz

Represent! bu Todd Serlin

Immigrant by Doug Peake

Parousia by Todd Sorrell

Post Mortem by Travis Carr

The Kid from Brooklyn by John Jack McGuire

Chlora & Phyll by Rowan Meyer

The Hippies Saved Physics by Henry Charles Montgomery and Amy Montgomery

Oh, Mighty River by Dan Ritter

Get Smacked by George Basiev

The Kid Next Door by Jim Norman

Gotta Itch for Mitch by Janice Haas

The Gentrifiers by Jared R. Goodman and Philip Aceto

Blame it on Warhol by Dan Corter

The Italian Vacation by Claudia Marinelli

Michelangelo by Roberto Lemos

Black Sheep by Janelle H

"Cool festival! They asked me if I could get my script to anyone who would it be. So I gave them a producer's name and now she's reading my script. What a cool prize! i wish everyone could be a winner."

"Janet Lee was always available and was so enthusiastic (as was Jerrol LeBaron , of InkTip, one of the sponsors) when informing me of my second place award. Overall, an enjoyable experience."

"Really positive festival. I'm glad I submitted."

"Wonderful experience for me and my partner."


Summer 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Cal Athan  Hawk Moon

Summer 2017 Finalists

Jeff McMahon New Deli

Brian Weakland  The Kingmaker

Over the great bridge, with sunlight through the girders making a constant flicker upon the moving cars, with the city rising up across the river in white heaps and sugar lumps all built with a wish out of non-olfactory money. The city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.