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Prior Winners

2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Cal Athan  Hawk Moon



Jeff McMahon New Deli

Brian Weakland  The Kingmaker


All winners and finalists were distributed to our directory of over 50+ entertainment professionals including the producer of their choice!!! Production and management companies on our list include, but are not limited to, Creative Artists, Gotham, AfterDark, Entertainment Management, APA, Abstract, Agamemnon, Roar, Brillstein, and Elevate.


“Cool festival! They asked me if I could get my script to anyone who would it be. So I gave them a producer’s name and now she’s reading my script. What a cool prize! i wish everyone could be a winner.”

“Janet Lee was always available and was so enthusiastic (as was Jerrol LeBaron , of InkTip, one of the sponsors) when informing me of my second place award.¬†Overall, an enjoyable experience.”

“Really positive festival. I’m glad I submitted.”

“Wonderful experience for me and my partner.”