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Fall 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Cadeby by David Keogh


Fall 2017 Finalists

Circled In Red by James Byrne

Legacy by Danielle Erlich


Fall 2017 Semi-Finalists

Single Bullet Theory by Mike Bencivenga

How Bout Now by Daniel Gold

Motorhead by Luke Butler

Stranger Things by Ana Ziegler Loes

Armor by Bryant Daluz

Hudson River Crossing by Demetra Kareman

The Kosher Mutiny by Jim Norman

The Program by John Ravitz

Represent! bu Todd Serlin

Immigrant by Doug Peake

Parousia by Todd Sorrell

Post Mortem by Travis Carr

The Kid from Brooklyn by John Jack McGuire

Chlora & Phyll by Rowan Meyer

The Hippies Saved Physics by Henry Charles Montgomery and Amy Montgomery

Oh, Mighty River by Dan Ritter

Get Smacked by George Basiev

The Kid Next Door by Jim Norman

Gotta Itch for Mitch by Janice Haas

The Gentrifiers by Jared R. Goodman and Philip Aceto

Blame it on Warhol by Dan Corter

The Italian Vacation by Claudia Marinelli

Michelangelo by Roberto Lemos

Black Sheep by Janelle H


All winners and finalists were distributed to our directory of over 50+ entertainment professionals including the producer of their choice!!! Production and management companies on our list include, but are not limited to, Creative Artists, Gotham, AfterDark, Entertainment Management, APA, Abstract, Agamemnon, Roar, Brillstein, and Elevate.


“Cool festival! They asked me if I could get my script to anyone who would it be. So I gave them a producer’s name and now she’s reading my script. What a cool prize! i wish everyone could be a winner.”

“Janet Lee was always available and was so enthusiastic (as was Jerrol LeBaron , of InkTip, one of the sponsors) when informing me of my second place award.¬†Overall, an enjoyable experience.”

“Really positive festival. I’m glad I submitted.”

“Wonderful experience for me and my partner.”


Spring 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

Cal Athan  Hawk Moon


Spring 2017 Finalists

Jeff McMahon New Deli

Brian Weakland  The Kingmaker